Under Construction

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Chinatown will soon get its next batch of red lantern-style pedestrian lampposts. In keeping with the theme first set with PCDC’s street lighting project (on 10th Street north of Race and along the newly opened 9th Street corridor), construction has begun on 10th Street and Arch Streets. For this phase of construction, Center City District (CCD) serves as the contractor; the lighting will be maintained by the City of Philadelphia. In mid-July, Main Street Manager Diana Lu accompanied Center City District Senior Director of Capital Projects Halford Welch to inform businesses on both corridors of the construction timeline and discuss potential issues.

New lampposts will be installed on 10th Street between Race and Arch, and on Arch Street between 9th and 11th Streets. Construction is scheduled to be completed early September 2012. Businesses that have comments during the construction process are encouraged to contact Halford Welch at 215-440-5528. They may also contact Diana Lu at 215-922-2156.